As I’m off today for a little summer vacation in Spain, I thought I’d leave you with a playlist to keep you entertained during my absence ;)

With songs from Arthur Walwin, Empathy Test, BESTiE, Meadowlark, High Hazels, Spring Offensive, Dotan, Versechorusverse, ANNASAID, Fashion Week, Calgary, Go Swim, Tales in Space, Model Aeroplanes, Noirre, IYES, Blaudzun, Captain Kidd, Theatre Royal, Mirror Signal, Ryan Keen, Robert Francis & The Night Tide, Y.O.U, The Mispers, Thomas J. Speight, Gulp, Oscar & The Wolf, Jungle Doctors, Bombay Bicycle Club, Khushi, Bad Suns and Plastic Barricades.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer! xx

Audio of the day:

The Magees Collective - History Mystery

“A song of hope for our future. If we can learn from our history then it may not be such a mystery after all. But until then……….

Lyrics by Gerard Mitchell
Guitar by Jay Stansfield
Harmonica by Gerard Mitchell”