Audio of the day:

The Sun Cult - Time Traveler

“This song is about a time traveler who keeps trying to go back into the past to change certain things so that his future can be better the one he has experienced, but he becomes disappointed to find out that he can not change the past no matter what he does or how hard he tries. It is impossible. He ends up watching himself watching himself make all the same mistakes without being able to stop it. Yes, there are 3 of him in that last sentence. All in the same time but at different ages, watching each other.”

Suggestion of the day:

Owl John

In the end, the songs that not only momentarily catch your attention but stay with you through good times and bad are those that don’t only speak TO your heart, but even seem to speak FROM it. Scott Hutchinson has been doing that for me with his band Frightened Rabbit, and his solo project doesn’t fail me either.

No way to put it better than „We don’t need songs about roses, all that we ask for is truth.“